February 28, 2015

I wish to share with you the enclosed testimonial (with a free translation), that although in Spanish, clearly shows the excellent results obtained by this group fishing the lower Jufaris, note that every single angler in this group brough back home a photo with a trophy. This is most important since it demonstrates with hard facts that our preservation policy, right at the core of our business, has been successful. As you might recall this area has been, protected and recovering during the last 3 years. Trophies landed here have leap-frogged from one season to the next, being the last season a clear example of the potential of seriously engaging in a strict preservation programme.
Fishing reports throughout the season simply show that this is not an exception, it is the rule.
We strongly believe that we are in the right track and we seriously commit our best efforts to enforce best practices of our proven preservation policies in all our present and future operating fisheries. This will guarantee that we are able to continue offering the very best fishing environment and chances to our visiting anglers in the Amazon Basin.
Cordially, Ed

Testimonial (free translation):

"Anibal (agent), in the name of all the members of the group of Ticos (Costa Ricans) and Colombians we wished to thank you very much for your special collaboration in enabling, for the third time in a row, an excellent fishing trip to the river Jufaris with your represented outfitter River Plate Anglers.

We landed near to 1,000 peacock bass, more than 50 trairas and we released more than 35 peacock bass in the range of 7 - 21,5 lbs; among them 4 trophies of 21,5lbs, 3 weighing 20lbs, 35 between 7 and 19 lbs including: Tucunares Açú-Paca, Mariposa y Cinchado o Speckled with great sizes, a Paca of 17lbs, butterfly of 11 lbs which is 1lb below the world record.

Service since our arrival to Manaus and at camp was excellent, outstanding kindness and service vocation of Harold (camp host), fishing guides and camp staff as well as the food offered. I would like to recommend specially our boat and fishing guide "John" with whom we fished for the second time and certainly is a great guide, very attentive and collaborative and really knows peacock bass fishing as no other guide with whom I have fished. John guarantees a good fishing day!

We are totally pleased and thinking in our next trip with River Plate Anglers. I am attaching pictures of this trip.

Again, thank you very much Anibal, and please thank and say hello to Mr. Luis Brown. We expect to be able to return to fish soon enough.

Big hug.

Ing. Carlos Barrantes

Socio Director de Proyectos

IGFA Representative for Costa Rica "