August 2015

Mid-Week Fishing Report - Ago 22-24, 2015 (2 1/2 days)

Peacock Bass fishing season launch

River Plate is permanently monitoring water levels in its 10 private Peacock Bass fisheries spread over 750 miles across 4 water-level zones. Currently, water-levels are too high everywhere, except on the upper Igapó Acu Indian Reserve in the south west water-level zone.
The first group of 8 seasoned anglers arrived on our Mobile Floating Cabins on the Igapó-Acu last Saturday and, during the weekend ( 2 ½ days) landed 357 Peacock Bass with a decent mix size despite water-levels being still a bit too high. For your reference please check the following weather forecast, accumulated rainfall and, the Madeira river historic and current water levels readings