September 2015

Mid-Week Fishing Report: Sept. 26-28, 2015 (2 1/2 days)

Last week we hosted two groups at the Igapo-Acu private fishery, the first group ended the week with at total of 1.394 landed peacocks with one 17 pounder to show. Simultaneously the second group landed 1.338 peacocks, with a fair amount in the mid-size range (8-16lbs).

Our Fly-In Mobile Floating Suites moved to the lower Matupiri this week, and last Saturday it received 12 anglers which have landed 429 peacocks. Meanwhile the Suites at the Igapo-Acu are hosting 8 anglers who have fished 512 peacocks, largest one weighing 14lbs.

We operate in 10 different private fisheries along the Amazon basin, and this allows us to be able to operate within 5 different dry-weather regions. Water levels at the Muhura reservation river system (Igpo-Acu , Matupiri, Tupana) are still a bit above the expected average for the season, but they are descending at a good rate, estimated delay is 3 weeks. We are permanently scouting all regions, and  on this regard and we decided to operate this week at the Omero lakes, where a completely different panorama is offered, water levels are a bit below average.

8 anglers have fished for the last 2 ½ days at the 1st of the Omero lakes landing 425 peacocks ´plus several Aruanás, Tambaquis, Bicudas, Jacundas, Cará, etc. Host reports that top water rapalas and perversas are the best performing lures.

Forecasts for the week make us believe that all groups will enjoy almost perfect weather conditions in both areas, pls. see charts below.

The trimester forecast: shows that we can expect the temperatures to be a bit above the average for this season and the rainfall forecast to be abt. 30% below average, implying that we should expect water levels to be below the standard for the coming months in the season. Please see water level map below. Needless to say that these predictions are based in the expected El Niño influence, that should be stronger this season than in the previous one.

Borba Moura

Last week photos

Peacock Bass fishing
Peacock Bass fishing

Mid-Week Fishing Report: Sept. 19-21, 2015 (2 1/2 days)

Of the 2 parties  departing last Saturday  one party  landed 1.973 peacocks in our Fly In Mobile Floating Suites stationed at our Private Water Fishery of the Igapo-Acu & Matupiri  Indian Reserve with  over 200 river miles .

This week 2 parties  arrived last Saturday . After 2 ½ days, the first group of 8 anglers have landed 539 peacocks and seem to be in the good track. Meanwhile, the other group of 12 anglers fishing further upriver  have landed 451 peacocks and multiple jacundas.  Both camps inform that jigs are the stars but also rapalas and perversas are the best performing lures.  Check our webpage:

No rain to report and weather forecast shows that good weather conditions are going to continue throughout the week with only very minor rain episodes.  Water levels, though still high ,continue descending 2 to 5 inches per day, and fishing results keep improving with this tendency that we expect will continue. Although a bit on the high end of the equation we expect them to keep steadily moving towards the optimum levels in the coming weeks with many trophies .

As always we remind our readers to keep in mind the “human factor” that has direct incidence on shown results, we cater to pro fishermen who take it earnestly, but also we have guests who enjoy the whole ecological Amazon experience and take it easy, and everything in between. Our goal is that every single guest enjoys his/her stay with us at its own rhythm, and we simply adapt.

Borba, Brazil. 10-Day Weather Forecast

peacock bass fishing peacock bass fishing

Mid-Week Fishing Report: Sept. 12 - 14, 2015. (2 1/2 days)

Last weekend we received two more groups of anglers in our Fly In Mobile Floating Suites stationed at our Private Water  Fishery of the Igapo-Acu Indian Reserve .  This Fishery is the only one presenting now the best  water level  conditions for peacock bass fishing among our 10 Private Water  Fisheres, covering over 1.000 miles in 5 different water-level zones. 

We are the only operator in the Amazon basin holding Private Water rights to fish in this fishery since 1998, as a demonstrated fact . We mention this because we have seen in the market some misleading ads of other operators claiming that they can enter this privileged fishery.

Weather report shows that both Fly In Mobile Floating Suites have enjoyed fair weather with only one rain episode lasting for less than an hour. Forecast indicates that they will have good weather conditions for the rest of the week. On the water level side, this river continued its descending trend (abt. 5 inches last weekend) and although it continues to be a bit high it improves on a daily basis, we believe that we are abt. 3 feet from the optimum level.

Fishing results encompass the water level  improvement and the group in camp 03 of 11 anglers landed 754 peacocks in these 2 ½ days, while the group of  8 anglers in camp 01 landed 207 peacocks with the largest weighing 12 lbs.. Not in the fish count:  piranhas, bicudos, etc. Jigs continue to be the best performing lures.

Although the water level cycle is obviously being delayed by the El Niño influence, we believe that we will be reaching optimum water levels in the next weeks.



Mid-Week Fishing Report: Sept. 05 - 07, 2015. (2 1/2 days)

Last Saturday we received a new group of 4 anglers at our Fly-in Floating Cabins positioned at the Igapo-Acu river private fishery.  They had a promising start of their fishing week landing a total of 416 peacocks in these 2 ½ days. Best performing lures are bright colored jigs. They have enjoyed perfect weather conditions with no rain and the forecast shows that they will continue to do so for the rest of their stay.

Camp host informs us that the water level is descending daily, so the fishery yield is expected to improve accordingly. The Madeira basin trend is descending normally now. This fishery is still a bit above the optimum level.

Last week´s group ended the week with a modest 575 mark, taking it easy as reported previously.

All considered, we expect that the positive trend will continue and plan to start operating our second camp next Saturday also at the Muhura reservation river system.


Mid-Week Fishing Report: Aug 29-31, 2015 (2 1/2 days)

This last weekend the a new group of 9 anglers arrived to our camp stationed at the Igapo-Acu river private fishery. So far they have enjoyed an excellent weather with no rain and the river, although a bit high, is descending at a good rate. Host informs that this group is taking it easy and fishing only a few hours per day, enjoying the camp amenities thoroughly. They have landed in the past weekend a total of 192 peacocks with a good mix of sizes.

Last week of 8 anglers ended the week with a total of 803 landed peacocks .

Rainfall forecast for the coming days make us believe that this group will enjoy a great week, also the water level graphics for the Madeira show that the trend will continue to descend at a good rate in the coming days.