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Dorado Fishing trip - January 24, 2013

"I want to thank you again for a truly spectacular fishing trip for dorado and to thank you for the excellent job of management that you have demonstrated. I fish all over the world and I can say that your operation in terms of fishing quality, quality of accomdations & food, and quality of personal service is the most impressive operation that I have encountered anywhere.
My highest regards and thanks"
Larry Dalton
Seattle WA.

Dorado Fishing trip on April, 2011

"Without a doubt the best fishing I have done in my life, simply indescribable. We fished half shift in the preserve, and the other half outside. This doesn’t mean that there were less fish, by the end of the day when we stopped we were simply exhausted.

Outside de preserve, we captured, in a continuous fishing day, 14 dorados in Trolling modality. The weights were between 4,400 and 17,600lbs. Inside the preserve it is simply impressive. In half shift we captured between 25 and 40 dorados!!!! In barely 3,5 hours, 40 dorados were landed!! Can you imagine what that is?! The best!!! 80% weighed between 11 and 17,600lbs!!! 10% were less than 11lbs, and the other 10% were bigger!!!

All of us could land dorados above 22lbs, between them one that was 41,800lbs and three that were 28,600lbs!!! (…) To me, this is the best place for fishing in the planet!!!!!”

Alexandre Dick
Foz e Iguazú, Paraná – Brasil

Dorado Fishing trip on January 21st-24th, 2011

"River Plate Dorados is THE PLACE if you are hunting for trophy Golden Dorados.

Fishing below the hydro-electric dam is highly regulated insuring that this amazing fishery remains and maintains excellence for many years to come. This isn’t a “Roughing-it” fishing trip. Your rooms are first class, food is excellent, and guides are very friendly and have local grasp of the trophy tailwater fishery. My wife, who had never baitcasted before this trip landed a 44lbs. golden dorado on her first day of fishing.

River Plate gives you both quantity and quality."

Shad Goldston
Borger, Texas

Dorado Angler Testimonial

Andre de Botton with his 55lbs 14oz
All tackle World Record Dorado fished at River Plate Outfitter's fishery lease at the Salto dam - 2006

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