November 29, 2012

We received the following testimonial from Rolando Chavarria Barrantes who came from Costa Rica through Alejandro Linares (Agent).

I am writing these lines from Costa Rica to express our thanks to you and all River Plate´s Anglers staff for the excellent job done regarding our trip.
Since our arrival to Manaus airport until the day of our return all the staff performed wonderfully. Our host, during our stay at the floating cabins stationed at the Xeriuni, Adam Kryder, was always alert to our every need at camp and when fishing. The kitchen staff, cleaning, maintenance and guides, all did their best and made us feel excellent during the whole week.
Fishing was spectacular every single day, lots of peacock bass above the 8 lbs mark made us enjoy each fight with one of the biggest freshwater preys and possibly the best of all the sport fishing world. How aggressive they were, and how they attacked the surface poppers !!! Quite an enjoyable show!!!
All our group from Costa Rica was very pleased with the experience and the the very special sport fishing moments lived, also comradeship and a friendly environment with our fellow sport fishermen at camp helped enormously.
Find enclosed some photos of the wonderful moments that we lived.
Finally, thank you again for such a marvelous trip.
A big hug, Rolando Chavarria Barrantes.