Riverplate's Amazon Outfitters Associates


Luis Brown

RPO founder

Raised in the jungles and lumber Camps of South America, Luis Brown was educated in the United States, and was granted an MS from the Wharton School of Finance. In 1986 he founded River Plate Wingshooting, and later, in 1992, he pioneered fishing trips to the Amazon River founding River Plate Outfitters. Over the next decade, River Plate's fishing and wingshooting programs continually expanded, and have come to be known as the best in South America!

Quique Young

RPO Senior Associate

Quique has been involved in the fishing and wingshooting business for more than ten years: and back in 1999, he became River Plate's first associate. He is the head guide and host for parties in Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil for shooting and fishing trips.

Uy. Ph. + (598) 99 647 153
Arg. Ph. + (54 934) 4462 7167
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Pancho Cardoso

RPO Associate

Pancho joined River Plate in 2003, becoming an associate for our fishing operations. Pancho practices fishing since he was five, and is probably our most avid fisherman! He also hosts our wingshooting guests at the province of Entre Ríos, in Argentina.

Uy. Ph. + (598) 99 646 760
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Martin Puig

RPO Associate

Associate of River Plate and host two of our seven wingshooting operations since 2004. Although Martin is quite new in the business, he has grown to love the sport and to host our wingshooting guests in the provinces of La Pampa and Buenos Aires throughout the whole season. Every year, he hosts some of our angler groups in the Amazon River.

U.S. Ph. (305) 396 3242
Uy. Ph. + (598) 99 660 602
Arg. Ph. + (54 934) 44 620 658
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