February 2012

February 25-27, 2012

Fishing Season is coming to an end. We will resume sending our weekly fishing reports next July 2012 when the 2012/13 Season begins. We will be working next months to improve this report as well as our water level information.

We wish to thank and congratulate our 2011/12 Season guests for the amazing results achieved throughout the season.

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Brief Fishing Report (Carnival) February 22, 2012

Great fun and fishing this week at the Fly-In Floating Cabins Camp V, with our South-African guests.

Our 20th Anniversary with Top water Dorados and new eco-business model!

Pablo Dahbar 49Lbs on a Fly, January 07 2012

Pablo Dahbar 49Lbs on a Fly, January 07 2012

This Dorado Season in “Salto Dam” in Salto, Uruguay is being catalogued as one of the best in this operation’s history. Numbers and sizes landed on Top Water lures and flies (poppers) have been outstanding.

We expect that this will continue during the next coming months, and within the framework of the 20th Anniversary celebration we are offering a Last Minute Deal of a 50% discount for any party of two or more coming to fish to “Salto Dam” during the months of May, June and July. El Dorado is right there, waiting for the daring.

It is amazing to witness how River Plate’s “revolutionary” eco-busines model at “Salto Dam” worked out to be extremely successful environmetally and socially.

COPESA is the co-operative, of local registered professional fishermen in the exclusive Salto dam tail waters (Salto Dam) area. It was public and notorious that for years COPESA netted, 2-5 tons per month of trophy Dorados in the small 100 acre fishery specially during the spawning season. River Plate helped them to legally obtain exclusive rights on their river, based on the local legislation which guarantees their survival fishing excluding all commercial and sport fishing. At a later stage, we cut a deal with them to share their exclusive rights through financial compensations, joint venturing, guiding job opportunities and humanitarian help. In all cases, River Plate’s coin has to bigger than that of the commercial fishing industry. Now COPESA has converted to sport fishing guides and fishery keepers. Nobody knows best how to maneuver boats in the turbulent tail waters or to guide sportsman than ex-commercial fishermen. We are studying other areas in which we can extrapolate this successful business model.

February 11-13, 2012

Since water levels have dropped in three extreme North-East areas during the last week ,we will resume this week-end four of our seven operations. These will be at our Exclusive-Private Waters on the Omero, and Tapera and, at an open-to-the -public area at the very head waters of the Araca almost against Venezuela. (Guests have been dully notified of the presence of competing yachts, campers and Cabins)

The Branco Basin 10-day forecast are projecting moderate rain. You may wish to click on Caracarai and Boa Vista which are the two towns at the North-East Branco basin’s sphere-of-influence. To compare these moderate rain forecast with heavy rain forecasts click on Barcelos.


  • South (Tenharim Indian Reservation on the Marmelos). See area in pink in Fishery Map. Water levels which were perfect July –October are high which is normal this time of the year.
  • Mid-South (Muhura Indian Reservation – Rivers: Preto, Matupiri, Igapo Acu, Tupana). See area in beige in Fishery Map. Water levels which were perfect during Set-Oct are now very high which is normal for this time of the year.
  • Mid-North (South bank Negro tributaries) See area in purple in Fishery Map: Tributaries are high since there continues to be lots of rain again in the upper Negro basin. Since there is no hope for water-levels to drop, we moved our Floating Cabin V out until next September.
  • North-West (The head waters of all South bank Negro tributaries including the Unini River) See area in purple in Fishery Map: Tributaries are high which is normal this time of the year. Careful! Despite the recent amount of bloggs , e- blasts, postings ,etc stating that the Unini will be opened to a limited number of outfitter, this is not factual .The Unini continues to be closed and there is no certainty if it will be opened and, less even, as to whom will operate.
  • North (North bank Negro tributaries). See area in blue in Fishery Map. Tributaries are high due to lots of rain the last 8 days in the upper Negro basin. Since there is no hope for water-levels to drop, Floating Cabin VI will be navigating back to Manaus. However the Black Water Express yacht will operate on the Araca against Venezuela where water levels have dropped substantially over the last 7 days.(See recent Barcelos pictures bellow).
  • North-East (Río Branco tributaries). See area in blue in Fishery Map: Only Noth-East side tributaries, including River Plate’s Exclusive Private-Water Tapera and Omero fisheries, are still fishable.We have five Fly In Floating Cabins in this area. Normally, it should be good fishing from December 15 to March 15 but, with LA NIÑA who knows?? Forecasts are reconfirming that the 3-year LA NIÑA anomalies cycle finally cease by this coming May.