Community Guards at the Gates

  • There is NO advantage in fishing remote areas unless they are guarded the way ours are by members of our indigenous communities. Remote unguarded waters can be as fishless and lifeless as readily accessible unguarded waters. The underlying key to our success in the Amazon has been winning and keeping the trust of our communities, which range in size from 40 to 80 families in each of our 9 Private Rivers. We treat all our communities as stakeholders. They share in the profits and employment opportunities that are generated on the rivers that flow through their lands. It’s an inspiring and interesting story you may want to read by clicking on SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT. If not, just be aware that your trip fees are helping conserve the health and well-being of some very warm and wonderful people who control what happens on 16 million acres of primeval forest. They thank you.
  • Peacock bass are territorial – that is, they tend to stay in a fairly small area. And it takes 10 to 12 years for them to reach 20 pounds. Obviously, trophy fish are available in greater numbers in fisheries such as ours because the preservation coin for those that live side by side with them is larger than the depredation coin