My Favorite Peacock Bass Fishing Lures

Many people ask me what my favorite lures are for Peacock Bass fishing, be it hard tackle or flies. A few operators furnish tackle for their clients and most will give their clients a list of their preferred lures they have found work best for Peacock Bass. Now there are a few operators that offer […]

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Water Levels Essential Factor for Successful Peacock Bass Angling

It took me some time to learn and even some failed fishing trips to the Amazon basin early on the beginning to really assimilate the concept. Why? Simply because I failed to understand that nature, as the one I am enjoying now, in its purest form, has its own dynamics and logic. Certainly, it does […]

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Amazon Peacock Bass (paper 2): Dog – Cat reverse Amazon logic

Perfect morning, perfect weather, perfect lunch, perfect nap in a hammock listening to the real jungle noises. Our arms desperately needed some more rest. Moquim, our perceptive guide, after 4 intense days with us, could read our faces. When boarding the boat after our nap he humbly asked if we would like to experiment a […]

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