Weight Limits

There is a strictly-enforced restriction on our Float-plane flights as follows:

  • Weight limit including carry-on is 30 lbs.
  • “Check-in” luggage must be packed in soft duffle bags with no rigid bottom.

All luggage (Carry-on & Check-in) will be weighed at the airport. No over-weight baggage will be allowed. Any excess baggage may be left in Manaos with our guide. Please do not bring coolers or hard luggage. The camp has daily laundry service, so bringing a lot of clothing is not necessary

Beer-can limit: Because of the remoteness of our operations, we have a limit of 45 cans per pax, per week. For safety reasons, we limit the beer to 6 cans per angler during day.

Wine bottle limit: For the same reasons, there is a limit of 4 wine bottles per pax, per week.


Personal Items

We recommend wearing loose fitting, lightweight, light-colored cottons or synthetics (Tarpon Wear, Patagonia, etc.). Some fabrics allow passage of UV rays, so don’t just bring any old shirt – we’ve seen people severely sunburned right through their clothes!. Long pants and sleeves are best to protect from sunburn.

  • Passport and photocopy of photo page

  • Covid requirement documentation (check for updates)

  • Airline tickets

  • Personal medications

  • Four long-sleeved tropical shirts

  • Two tropical-weight pants

  • Swimsuit or shorts

  • Sneakers or deck shoes

  • Casual travel clothes

  • Fishing hat

  • Quality lightweight raincoat and pants

  • Lightweight cotton gloves

  • Sunscreen

  • Chapstick

  • Water resistant bug repellent s/DEET in case you may wish to visit a jungle community.

  • Small flashlight

  • Camera and batteries

  • Waterproof pack or gear bag

  • Cash for tipping



Included in the rate is a complete supply of courtesy conventional tackle including lures.We do not recommend purchasing your own tackle because of costs , lure type may vary and luggage weight.

Nevertheless, if you wish your own tackle, below is a list of items to bring in addition to the courtesy tackle available al each River Train . If you wish further information, click on Fishing Tackle.

  • Hook sharpener

  • Replacement hooks and o-rings

  • Extra line

  • Fishing pliers

  • Pocket knife

  • Clippers

  • Reel lubricant

  • Lure box

  • Polarized sunglasses

  • 6″ – 8″ steel leaders (for piranha)

  • 40 – 50 lb. Leader material (fly-fishermen)

  • Optional stripping basket (fly-fishermen)

  • Optional stripping finger sock (fly-fishermen) or adhesive tape