Fly-in Floating Cabins – The “River Train” Concept

  • Our flexible River Train approach to fishing the Amazon has cracked the code on the No. 1 problem all Amazon outfitters face – namely, fluctuating water levels that alternately send fish streaming into the jungle after baitfish or swimming lazily toward deep water to sulk. Movement in either direction means a ruined trip for most anglers, but not for ours. What we do is moooove ! Often, we avoid having to move by changing overall destinations at the last minute, almost as our float planes take off from Manaus. We have access to enough Private Rivers systems to do that and enough River Trains to keep them dispersed over a large area just in case. Mobility is our middle name. No one can do what we do to put anglers on good water day after day.

  • Fly out of the City of Manaus in one of our float planes and land in a pristine, unfished stretch of water flowing at an optimum depth for good fishing. Transit takes only 45 minutes to a maximum of two hours.

  • Most fishing boats in the Amazon operate out of towns that have landing strips, and those towns tend to be surrounded by heavily fished waters that may or may not be flowing at optimum levels during the week you happen to be fishing. As for fishing lodges, the waters 2 to 3 hours upriver and downriver of them inevitably become overfished by wave after wave of anglers all brought to the same place day after day. With us, you will fish undisturbed waters with no outside pressure.