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Dorado fishing at Uruguay River exclusive tail waters

icon star "Gold Fever": The Dorado fishing experience at Uruguay River tail waters.

River Plate proudly presents "Gold Fever", its new Dorado Fishing program at the Uruguay River tail waters, an experience you wonít want to miss. Over 22 bait casting and fly fishing world records have been broken over the last 4 seasons! And, more than 200 fish over 40 lbs have been landed in the last 3 seasons!

Recently, a very exclusive fishery special permit was obtained by River Plate associates for a 2-year renewable exclusive lease for two boats to fish for Giant Dorado Fish at this unique fishery, the Salto Grande Hydroelectric Dam tail waters. This is very important since up to now, only two boats were authorized on the Argentinean side of the Dam.

No rules apply in Salto Grande, home of some of the largest Dorados found anywhere in the world, were quality, quantity and possibility come together to make this operation a unique fishing experience. The fish reach these incredible sizes and numbers due to the impressive amount of food available. This happens because the dam’s lake increases the biological mass in the system. All that fito and zooplankton, is concentrated in a constant flow which generates a very complex rich chain of many species ending with the Dorado that achieves in this area unprecedented growing rates.

A The Dorado is a very aggressive fish that has an impressive leaping ability, outrageous strength, and stamina which created a great competitive market among anglers from all over the world, traversing South American waters for trophy Dorado fishing.

All fishing is done exclusively from wide 20-foot shallow drafting fiberglass bass boats with two large casting platforms.

Furthermore, and to make this experience even more complete, the Horacio Quiroga Thermal Spa Resort offers you top quality rooms and services with an extensive range of facilities only 200 yards from the tail water fishery. River Plate has selected for its guests (this) large 5-star bedrooms with thermal whirlpools and a private VIP dining and sitting room with an open bar overlooking the park and river. The resort is a lovely place for non-angling family and friends to enjoy themselves with lots of activities to do and places to relax.

Come to the Uruguay river tail waters for World Record Dorado fishing!

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