February 2016

The outing was just great. I could send several pages on what we liked. Our entire group had a great time. The fish were really hiring the lures. Nothing compares to a strike/hit like a peacock bass. We caught and released over 400. I do not remember using jigs in the past I wish I had taken a few more. Woodchoppers are just as tiring as I remember. Amos with River Plate picked us up and took us back. Timely courteous and very helpful. Great crew at the camp. Alejandro and his team did a great job. They went the extra mile helping land the fish and salvaging our lures from roots and tree tops. By the end of the trip we were sharing family pictures and activities the families are involved in. We also earned how to make bows arrows and how to use them. I think all of us gained weight the food was great. Great camp crew. Everyone hopes to do this again some day.

Mike Dinn