Key # 01:
Exclusive Fishing Rights


River Plate Anglers has battled hard to acquire the exclusive right to fish in pristine rivers that flow through Indian Reserves and Government Preserves where there is no fishing pressure by anyone other than that of our guests. No other outfitter has private waters like ours.

Key # 02:
Massive Room to Roam

It’s a fact: at any given time, heart-stopping action on big peacocks is available only on a tiny and ever shifting fraction of the available low water in the Amazon Basin. And, that is where the enormous size of River Plate’s exclusive fishing area (nine private river systems flowing through 16 million acres) is important. Only River Plate has enough available water to keep clients in heart-stopping action trip after trip.

Key # 03:
The Ability to Move


Most of the good habitat for big peacocks is walled-off by sand-bank barriers with depths of less than three feet. Most Amazon outfitters cannot even reach these areas, much less maneuver inside them. River Plate blasts through these impediments by using float-planes to reach pre-positioned River Trains powered by shallow-draft tugs that can penetrate all but the shallowest of headwaters.

Social Development

River Plate Anglers has pushed hard to implement successful stewardship initiatives that put communities in charge of their local resources. Utilizing our long term Community Based Preservation Policy and structure, River Plate Anglers has persuaded Communities to ban all commercial fishing and almost all lumbering, and it has helped reduce the amount of high-negative-impact farming taking place in a number of water basins. We have promoted sustainable activities as milk and derivatives production, exotic fruit processing, artisan souvenir production, fishing lure production as well as organic vegetable growing for which we generate a sustainable demand throughout our sport fishing and eco-tourism operations. In 2019 these activities brought benefits to 80% of the families in the Communities of the rivers where we operate.