Attention Angling Outfitters: New Franchise Opportunity !!!

Giant Peacock Bass

World’s best Peacock Bass fishing experience in the wild & exotic Amazon River

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Floating Cabins

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Luis Brown´s River Plate Outfitters is now looking for a well established North America based outfitter willing to franchise a new giant peacock bass operation in the Amazon basin in Brazil.

This new operation will be part of the existing fleet of five Fly-in Floating Suites franchises already operating in the more than 10 private fisheries in the Amazon basin. Season for peacock bass runs from September to early March which means that any outfitter in the U.S. or Canada will find it as the ideal complement to their trout, salmon, bass, etc. operation in the Northen Summer.

Candidate is expected to buy and run his own operation personally. River Plate Anglers (RPA) will sell the well proven standard infrastructure, as well as, furnish the usage of its private water fisheries.

Candidate will be able to sell and market its operation under the well established RPA brand and that of the outfitter’s, receiving strong marketing support, e.g. brochures, contacts through the well established webpages, social channel support, e.g. RPA FB with over 90K followers, media coverage, etc.

River Plate Outfitters through its River Plate Anglers branch is adding this new franchise in its River Plate Anglers arm to synergize growth in its recent and near future Amazon private water leases. For more information click on

River Plate Outfitters has also 6 successful franchises operating in Argentina and Uruguay under its River Plate Wingshooting branch under the same model. For more information click on

Price of the franchise is U$S 200K which includes the purchase of one of its Fly In Floating Suites , 70% of which will be financed during the first 3 years of operation.

Complete the form below or write us to to inquire about the Terms and Conditions of this unique Franchise opportunity.