Fishing Report: Aug 18 – 25, 2018


Last week we received the Barrantes group of 8 anglers for the last week of this season at our Marmelos private fishery. They enjoyed a great week landing 1.048 peacock bass the largest of which weighed 19lbs. as pictured below in the gallery. Bait-casters and fly-fishermen in the group were up the challenge and including in the basket also jacundas, bicudas, piranhas and several matrinxas.

On Sunday the Floating Suites train started its slow navigation towards the Matupiri river in the S.West Dry-Zone, where water level conditions are good and improving by the day. We expect to break waters on Sept. 8th..

We are also thoroughly evaluating the evolution of the water levels at our new private fishery in the headwaters of the Uneuixi river in the N.West Dry-Zone. A report from a scouting mission sent yesterday is expected towards the end of this week. A fresh Floating Suites train is approaching the region and will be in stand-by waiting for the decision to break waters in this renowned trophy river.

 Dry-Zone S.West 

Water levels are much better toough still a bit high for good fishing, they are expected to keep dropping. All considered we have decided to start operating at the Matupiri private fishery on Sept. 08, when we believe that fishing conditions will be good. The Matupiri basin is midway between Humaita and Itacoatiara stations (see diagrams below) confirming our forecast.

Note: red line are 2018 water levels, the light blue strip is the 15 to 85% probability, the dotted line is the median and the yellow line is the historic 1969 minimum.

Rainfall forecast for Sept. Oct. Nov. : NOTE that the yellow area at the North affecting the Amazon basin and our fisheries makes us believe that it might have a positive influence (70%) in our fisheries, averting extreme high water levels for the rest of the season.

Weather forecast for Borba,  in the area of influence of the Matupiri private fishery shows some normal mild tropical storms with no significant rainfall for the rest of the week, supporting the expected water level dropping trend.


(beige in map above) Dry-Zone N.West

Water levels are high and have already peaked in the Barcelos area. It is still closed for the season, which is normal for this time of the year. Water level graphs, indicate that most probably this Season we will be having a similar pattern as last year at the Negro and Branco basins.

Dry-Zone N.East
Water levels are still high in the Branco basin, and they have already started dropping. It is still closed for the season, which is normal for this time of the year.
Dry-Zone S.East 

Water levels keep descending and we have decided to move out of this region mainly for preservation reasons having reached the established capacity for the season as mentioned in last report. The region will be closed until next season in 2019.