FR: August 12-19, 2023: Week 8

Moving North

477 Peacocks boated by 7 anglers

Week 8 of our 2023 season and we switched rivers. We moved our camp north to the Matupiri reserve in search of better waters, although the week started at a slow pace. Water levels weren’t at the right height when our group arrived, but the fishing got up the pace as the week progressed. Waters have receded at a very high rate which highly improved the group’s odds. We plan to stay at the Matupiri given the rate at which waters are lowering; we are hopeful that next week the river will produce great fishing opportunities.

Groups: 1

Anglers: 7

Peacock Bass Count: 477*

Biggest: 13lbs

Over 8lbs: 64

*Other less aggressive tropical species were left out of the fishing tally.

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3-Month Rain Anomaly Forecast In Our Four Fishing Dry Zones

(Valid for August-September-October)

Source: CPTEC/INPE, Brazil