FR: November 18 – 25, 2023: Week 21

Cherry picking pays off! 4 groups with great success

8806 Peacocks boated by 32 anglers

Week 21 of our season. The North East Zone keeps on paying dividends with big numbers on the Jufari and Itapara. Our repeating (and hardcore) De Botton group boated an astonishing 3,475 Peacocks!

A few big rainstorms hit the region, slowing the fish slightly but renewing the oxygen (and our hopes). All rivers came up by about 2 feet and opened previously closed lagoons and creeks. The drought is still a thing in most areas but for the North East Zone where we strategically moved our camps and anglers. Cherry-picking water levels and being mobile is the name of the game here in the Amazon.

Weather: A few rainstorms poured but we experienced good weather for the most part. Our North East Zone forecasts some showers and cloud cover.

Groups: 4

Anglers: 32

Peacock Bass Count: 8806

Biggest: 22lbs

Over 8lbs: 232

*Other less aggressive tropical species were left out of the fishing tally.

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3-Month Rain Anomaly Forecast In Our Four Fishing Dry Zones

(Valid for November-December-January)

Source: CPTEC/INPE, Brazil