FR: November 25 – December 2, 2023: Week 22

Real-life monsters!

3708 Peacocks boated by 22 anglers

Last week of November has gone by with great success! 3 groups came to pay us a visit and left with their hands quite full (and with big fish). Our North West rivers are still paying dividends with huge lunkers being boated. Biggest one caught? 24lbs. And quite a few managed to get in the 20-23lb range.

Weather: we had a mix of sunny skies and cloud cover. A couple of rainstorms poured, which at this time are necessary to bring the water temperature slightly down and benefit Peacocks. Our North West Zone forecasts roughly the same weather for next week

Groups: 3

Anglers: 22

Peacock Bass Count: 3708

Biggest: 24lbs

Over 8lbs: 106

*Other less aggressive tropical species were left out of the fishing tally.

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3-Month Rain Anomaly Forecast In Our Four Fishing Dry Zones

(Valid for December-January-February)

Source: CPTEC/INPE, Brazil