JULY 18th, 2020, UPDATE

Air flights start-up report.

Our fishing trips are in abeyance until normal flight services are resumed in Brazil. Flights into and out of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro have already resumed but American Airlines will only start operating flights into Manaus October 28th, 2020. Even then, we are not sure if President Trump will allow flights into the US from Brazil in the light of Brazil’s epidemic status.


COVID-19 is having a devastating impact on our rainforest community partners.

We estimate that this epidemic wave in the Amazon region at large should peak-out by late July. In the city of Manaus, at this writing, the wave has already passed but only after taking ~2,400 lives out of a population of only 2.6 million. Arguably, that is the worst COVID -19 fatality rate anywhere in the world. As for the situation in the river basins where we operate, the epidemic is just now spreading amongst our rainforest community partners. We work with those partners, in all our private water fisheries, through a Community Based Conservancy Management Program. This is a multi-faceted program with many moving parts, but most of our energy at the moment is focused on emergency action to alleviate suffering among the 1,200 families we work with. The task is complicated by the remoteness and isolation of the communities where these families live. Indeed, in the rainforest of the Amazon, COVID – 19 is cutting a broad swath of illness and death.


Extending a hand.

Our last week’s financial help with our rainforest community partners in Santa Maria do Boiacu on the Itapara river were many.


Here, heavy equipment is being used to improve a runway for the arrival of medical flights.

Here, a gravely ill community member is being evacuated to Manaus where ventilator equipment is available.


Here, electric power lines are being reinforced to increase ventilation in a regional hospital.

An increased number of patients has made better ventilation critically important.

We donated the northern sector of this hospital years ago.


We have stepped up the donation of medical supplies as they become available.


Elsewhere, we have waded into the logistics of distributing government food and medical supplies. At this writing, we been most active with that service in the Xeuirini River communities of Terra Preta, Lago Grande and Caiauini. Other communities will be receiving our help in the next few days.