After enjoying a great season our private fishery at the Marmelos river is now closed for fishing. Although conditions continues to be great, we are standing by our sustainability policy in order to preserve this outstanding fishery for the seasons to come.
The yields with last closure group continued to be outstanding with the most 2 angler-boats, landing 80-100 peacock bass per day with many trophies. This fishery´s yield throughout the 5 operative weeks has been remarkable, with several trophies above the 20lbs, demonstrating yet once more, the benefits of our conservation community based programs thru out our 9 exclusive peacock bass fisheries.
The Floating Suites are departing now Dry-Zone S.East towards Dry Zone S.West. A second train of Floating Suites is also arriving to this zone from the North.

Dry-zone S.East RIVERS: MARMELOS (see map at the top). Closed for peacock bass fishing.

Dry-zone S.West RIVERS: MATUPIRI, IGAPO ACU (see map at the top).
Water levels on the Madeira River, the drainage of Matupiri and Igapo Acu, are descending at a good pace ,and are already at a very low historic level (see graphic water level below). This fact, together with an excellent weather forecast for the rest of the week, indicates that peacock bass fishing conditions at the headwaters of the Matupiri should be excellent for next week´s arriving anglers . See weather forecast for Borba below)

Water level chart for the Madeira River where the blue line represents actual levels, the yellow line represents last year´s extremely low levels, and the red line historical extreme water levels.


Weather forecast for Borba


The diagram below depicts the rainfall probability for three months. The pale orange zone in the North forecasts a probability of about 45% that the rainfall will be below the historical mean. Therefore, there is a chance, that the dry water cycle develops earlier in the coming months in the North of Manaus (Dry-Zones N.West and N.East).