Mid Week Fishing Report: December 12th-14th, 2020 (2 ½ days)

Over 1000 fish landed in the Omero Lakes by 6 non-avid anglers including 70 multispecies with two 19 lbs and one 21 lbs peacock!





Note: This 2 ½ days report is to rush last weekend’s conditions to our incoming anglers.

Curiucu River in Dry Season-Zone N. East: The Francisco group of 8 anglers landed 300 fish over the weekend, including a 17 pounder. Last week’s group finished with 1070 caught fish, with two 19 pounders and a 21 pounder (not shown in pictures yet). Over 10% of the landed fish included Aruana, Arapaima, Sardinata, Tambaqui and Apapa. Two fishermen landed non-stop Aruana with dry flies. Water levels in this area have lowered over the last week and fishing went from very good to excellent.

Water Level Report

Dry Season-Zone N. East: Fishing has been very good for the last 8 consecutive weeks, and forecasts indicate that the upper Itapara, Kabori and upper Jufaris water levels should be falling into optimum levels, which is normal at the end of December. We will be moving our stand-by operations into this area. See how this water level dynamics coincide with the large green map below.

Dry Season-Zone N. West: Water levels on the Negro river northern tributaries have all began to drop, and as such we have moved two of our stand-by operations into this area for our incoming January anglers.

Dry Season-Zone S. East: Water levels in this area 150 miles south of Manaus are high, which is normal for this time of the year.

Dry Season-Zone S. West: Water levels in this area 450 miles south of Manaus are high, which is normal for this time of the year.

Below you can see the map of expected precipitation for the first three months of 2021. Note that our fishing areas coincide with the low rainfall area in light brown colors. However, the Barcelos area were most anglers fish in public waters is in the high rainfall area (in green).