Mid-Week Fishing Report: Jan. 26 – 28, 2019 (2 ½ days)





Week end´s tally (2 ½ days):

Note: this 2 1/2 days report is to rush last weekend’s conditions to our incoming anglers.

Kabori fishery in Dry-Zone N. East -: Last week the Kuipers group of 8 anglers broke the 2K mark and ended the week with a 2.059 peacocks in the basket.  Last Saturday the Shutt group arrived and in just 2 1/2 days landed 676 peacock bass, all fly fishermen in the group. Water levels are a bit below the ideal and dropping, fishing conditions are expected to be good in the coming days.

Mid -Xeruini fishery in Dry-Zone N. East -: Last week, the Thigpen group landed the first 19 pounder, the second one was landed by the White group at the Itapará. The Cofer group had a good start with a nice size mix in the bag. Levels are dropping and weather forecast confirms the tendency.

Itapará river in Dry-Zone N. East –  :  Just 4 anglers in the Sylvara group have the camp and the river to themselves, 174 landed peacock bass is their mark for the weekend, fishing conditions are really good and water level is at an ideal point, no rainfall in the horizon.

Upper  Jufaris in Dry-Zone N.East – :  Our single occupancy suites received last Saturday 5 anglers in the Osborne group.They jump started with 270 landed peacock bass, the largest of which weighed over 17lbs. Camp reports that locally tied jigs were the stars this weekend. Good fishing conditions are expected to continue in the coming days.



Today´s Average Water Levels:

in Dry-Zone N. East

Guess work

Water levels are slowly dropping in our fisheries in the Dry-Zone N.East. The Kabori and Upper Jufaris are a bit below the perfect level and the Itapará has reached the ideal point. Practically nil rainfall forecast for Rorainopolis in the area of influence of the Itapara confirms this tendency. All fisheries are expected to maintain good fishing conditions in the coming week.

Blue dots represent water level monitoring stations where levels are rising and yellow dots where levels are dropping. Our area of interest is between Barcelos and Caracarai.
Above the rainfall forecast for Barcelos in the area of influence of the Jufaris and Kabori, below Rorainopolis in the area of influence of the Itapará river, both confirming that the dropping tendency continues in the coming days.



Diagram appearing below shows that in our area of interest no significant rainfall anomaly is expected in the coming fortnight





Map below shows the accumulated rain in the last 5 days.


The utmost confirmation of the tendency with the last 30 day accumulated rainfall compared with respect to the normalized historical data, appearing below.




Find below the quarterly rainfall for Feb, Mar, Apr showing that we should not expect any significant rain episodes, in our area of interest,  on the contrary levels will be below the normal historical levels. A mild El Niño impact is expected on this regard.

Water level measurements starting fresh this month for 2019 are within the historical parameters (see below)


Note: red line are 2019 water levels, the light blue strip is the 15 to 85% probability, the dotted line is the median and the yellow line is the historic minimum.