MID-WEEK FISHING REPORT: NOV. 11 – 13, 2017 (2 ½ DAYS)


Last weekend the Oliveira mixed group of baitcasters and fly-fishermen broke waters at the headwaters of our private fishery in the Xeruini river. They landed 827 peacock bass in only 2 1/2 days, the largest of which weighed 16lbs.

Great action at the Omero lakes. Last week 8 anglers in the McCann group landed 2.388 peacock bass the largest of which weighed 18lbs., this weekend we received 6 anglers in the Ross group that had a good start with 460 landed peacock bass. Lots of top water action and a considerable multi species basket including: Cará-açú, Surubim, Pirarucu, Piranha, Jacundá , Bicuda, Cachorra, Jatuarana e Pirapitinga, Aruanã.

The Cozby group  fishing last week at the Jufaris private fishery passed the 19lbs mark within excellent mbr./size ratios. The two 8 anglers parties arriving last Saturday are fishing reasonably well with the water a bit high, but dropping. Fishing should improve throughout the week. Best working lures as reported by the host are yozuri, perversa, helice, jigs.

Dry-Zone S.East 

Water levels are high, closed for the season, which is normal for this time of the year.

Dry-Zone S.West 

Water levels are still operative, as a contingency for unexpected water level variations in the North.

Dry-Zone N.West 

Water levels are a bit high but very fishable, the Branco basin forecast is better and we are having an early start here. Weather forecasts are excellent for the rest of the week.

Dry-Zone N.East 

Water levels are dropping rapidly, presenting spots with excellent fishing conditions as the Omero which is excellent and having notable yields.

he above diagram depicts the rainfall probability for the next three months. The light green zone in the North forecasts a probability of about 35% that the rainfall will be above the historical mean. Therefore, the dry water cycle is expected to develop almost normal in the coming months in the North of Manaus (Dry-Zones N.West and N.East).




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