Mid-Week Fishing Report: Nov 7-9, 2020(2 ½ days only)


597 Peacocks landed by 6 anglers in 20 hours 


Weekend´s tally (2 1/2 days):


Note: this only 2 1/2 – day report is to rush last weekend’s conditions to our incoming anglers.


Lakes (Omero), in Dry-Zone N. East -: The Knilans group of 6 arrived on Saturday Nov 7th, landed 597 peacocks and other species in ~20 hours of fishing over the weekend despite 2-3 of hours of rain both days (with strong sun in-between).Water levels continue to rise which actually improves fishing since, as mentioned in our report from last week, many of the back lagoons can only be reached at higher water levels.


Last week’s final count was 769 by the departing Kenshina group of only 4 anglers with one 18 pounder.


Lakes (Mau), in Dry-Zone N. East: The Robson group of 8 landed 486 peacocks over the week end despite rains. Water levels also continue to rise in this fishery.


Low-Xeriuni fishery in Dry-Zone N. West -: The group of 12 guests of which only half were anglers landed 342 peacock bass over the weekend. The previous Bucchi group finished the week with 1160 peacocks. Star lures were the top lures (perversas and joao pepinos).



Water level report:



Dry-Zone N. East – The Branco River (runs 180-400 miles north of Manaus) continues to rise slowly over the weekend. However, as mentioned in our last report if it continues, the Lake (Omero and Mau) fisheries will improve since most of the back lagoons which account for 80% of the fishery become accessible at higher water levels. We will continue fishing in this promising Zone. 


Dry-Zone N. West – The only lower water levels are in the lower Xeriuni River in our private water which is under the influence of the Branco River basin. We will continue fishing this Zone.


All other water levels on the Negro River basin tributaries are now slowly dropping but continue to be high enough for reasonable fishing, which is not normal for this time of the year. These anomalies are happening with greater frequency due to the everchanging rainfall conditions in the “El Nino” era.


Dry-Zone S. East – Water levels are rising in this area 150 miles south of Manaus which is normal for this time of the year. Our private rivers in this Dry-Zone time period were closed down due to Covid.


Dry-Zone S. West – Water levels are high in these area 450 miles south of Manaus which is normal for this time of the year. Our private rivers in this Dry-Zone time period of June-August were closed down due to Covid.




Below you can see the expected rainfall for November 2020 to January 2021. We expect higher than normal precipitation in the area of our fisheries (demarcated by the purple square) for the upcoming quarter.