Mid-Week Fishing Report: November 24 – 26, 2018 (2 ½ days).

No excuse fishing at the Roçado, Jufaris (upper and mid) and the Xeruini private fisheries.

Week end´s tally (2 ½ days):

Note: this 2 1/2 days report is to rush last weekend’s conditions to our incoming anglers.

Roçado private fishery in Dry-Zone N.West – Last Saturday we received the Sanders group of 6 anglers, who after enduring some rain episodes landed a total of 143 peacock bass in just 2 1/2 days the largest of which was 22lbs.  Fishing conditions are good although water levels have risen a bit and more rain is expected on the coming days. .

Xeruini river in Dry-Zone N.West – The Vasconcellos group of 12 anglers arrived on Saturday and broke waters at this fishery with a slow start and enduring some rain episodes. Fishing conditions are good and yields are expected to pick up on the coming days. Largest peacock bass weighed 15lbs.

Jufaris (upper and mid) in Dry-Zone N.West – Last Saturday the Startsev group of 7 anglers arrived to  our single occupancy floating suites in the upper part of the river enjoying a great start with 248 landed peacock bass and also bicudas, piranhas, cachorras, and matrinxas. Simultaneously the Molinari group of 8 anglers arrived to the mid section of this fishery and landed 414 peacock bass the largest of which weighed 16lbs., in just 2 1/2 days.




Today´s Average Water Levels:

in Dry-Zone S. West

in Dry-Zone N. West

Guess work

Water levels stabilized and slightly rising on the Negro River in  the Santa Isabel area, drainage of the Roçado (Tapurucuara – see graph below). Levels have also risen a bit in the Negro in the Barcelos area, drainage of the Jufaris and Xeruini. The Roçado (Dry-Zone S.West) fishery is expected to maintain good fishing conditions in the coming week, as well as the Jufaris and Xeruini fisheries in Dry-Zone N. West

NOTE the red line are 2018 water levels, the light blue strip is the 15 to 85% probability, the dotted line is the median and the yellow line is the historic 1980 minimum, which indicates that today´s  lower water levels should have occurred earlier 


Quarterly forecast for Nov. Dec. Jan, shows normal rainfall expectations for Dry-Zone N. West and East, implying no extreme situations for the coming weeks.


Some significant rain episodes are expected for the coming days, improving towards the weekend (see above)


Infography below depicts the rainfall forecast in the coming fortnight with respect to the historical mean showing some significant anomalies for the region affecting our private fisheries.