MID-WEEK FISHING REPORT: OCT. 14 – 16, 2017 (2 1/2 DAYS)


A total of 827 peacock bass were landed in only 2 days by 16 anglers arriving at the Muhura Indian reservation and the Jufaris river.

The Faro party started their week fishing in the lower Igapo-Acu river with several trophies weighing over 18lbs.. The ratio size/number is excellent and the weather forecast for the rest of the week (see Borba below) indicates that they will enjoy excellent yields in this fishery. Trairas, piranhas and cachorras were also part of the mix, and camp reports that zaras, perversas and joao pepinos are the best working lures.

Meanwhile the Coglandier group at the Jufaris, have started the week with the largest peacock bass weighing 18lbs. Water levels have gone up a bit but fishing is still good and rain is less than last week. The basket also included jacundas, piranhas and bicudas.

We are thoroughly evaluating when we should break water at the Jurubaxis river and Omero Lakes. Scouts reports are being sent daily, and we are evaluating both the Negro and the Branco basins towards their headwaters to be able to forecast the situation in the coming weeks. The Jurubaxis still remains high but we are confirming one party to the Omero Lakes where water levels are now perfect . Other parties will continue in the Igapo Açu and the smallest to the upper Jufaris.


Dry-zone S.West

RIVERS: Matupiri, Igapo Açu (see map at the top).
Water levels on the Madeira River, the drainage of Matupiri and Igapo Açu, are stable (see graphic water level below). This fact, along with the weather forecast, imply that peacock bass fishing conditions will continue to be excellent which is a good fall back in case the Northern fisheries are a little late in reaching lower levels.

The above diagram depicts the rainfall probability for the next three months. The light green zone in the North forecasts a probability of about 35% that the rainfall will be above the historical mean. Therefore, the dry water cycle is expected to develop almost normal in the coming months in the North of Manaus (Dry-Zones N.West and N.East).

Dry – Zone N.West 

RIVERS: Xeruini, Jufaris, Jurubaxis (see map at the top)

Water levels on the Negro River, the drainage of rivers Jurubaxi, Jufaris and Xeruini, are descending at a good pace. This fact, together with the weather forecast for the rest of the week, indicates that peacock bass fishing conditions at the Jufaris should continue to improve for arriving anglers . See weather forecast for Moura below. The Jurubaxi is still a bit high due to recent rainfall at the headwaters.

Water level chart for the Negro River where the blue line represents actual levels, the yellow line represents last year´s extremely low levels, and the red line historical extreme low water levels.


After a day networking with community leaders, Luis Brown in his hammock net time with office work and sleep while navigating to the next remote fishery.