Mid-Week Fishing Report: Oct 18 – 20, 2020 (2 ½ DAYS)

Blockbuster 2nd week after start-up

~480 Peacock’s in 2 ½ days

SEASON 2020 / 2021

Week end´s tally (2 1/2 days):

Note: this only 2 1/2 – day report is to rush last weekend’s conditions to our incoming anglers.

Xeriuni in Dry-Zone N. West –: Last weekend we received our second party for this season; the Sapelli group of 12 anglers who are enjoying great fishing conditions and had a good start landing ~480 peacock bass within a mixed basket that included aruanas, bicudas, piranhas, etc. Fishing conditions are expected to be excellent in the coming days.

Our start-up party whom departed last week ending on Oct 18, the Olsen group of 12 anglers ended their week with 1810 peacock bass landed in only 4 full fishing days with several trophies 17,18,19 category and one 21 lbs.



Today´s Average Water Levels:

in Dry-Zone N. West

Water level report:

Dry-Zone N. East – All water levels of the Branco River basin tributaries are perfect. See green area in the map above. Our private rivers in this area are being rested until November for productivity management policies.   

Dry-Zone N. West –  All water levels on the Negro River basin tributaries have been to high the last 10-20 days for reasonable, which is happening with greater frequency due to the everchanging rain fall conditions in the “El Nino” era. The only exception with lower water levels is the mid to lower Xeriuini River in our private water. 

Dry-Zone S. East – Water levels are too low for good for good fishing. Our private rivers in this Dry-Zone time period were closed down due to Covid.

Dry-Zone S. West – Water levels are still good. Our private rivers in this Dry-Zone time period were also closed down due to Covid.