MID-WEEK FISHING REPORT: OCT. 21 – 23, 2017 (2 1/2 DAYS)


Last week at the Igapo Açu anglers broke the 20lbs mark within a 1.381 landed peacock bass of which 47 peacocks were above 8lbs.; catch that also included jacundas, trairas and piranhas. Last weekend arriving group had a promising start with an excellent size/number ratio, and are looking to a week with perfect fishing conditions to match the challenge.

The Jufaris stayed at the 18lbs peacock bass mark with 838 landed peacock bass with 77 over the 8lbs. mark. Many trophies were lost due to below 90lbs. test line used by guests with their own tackle.

As hinted in last report, water level situation determined that this week one floating-suites train moved to the Omero lakes (Curiucú river) where they found good water levels and were able to land more than 100 peacock bass per boat, per day.  Best working lures as reported by the camp host are: perversa, zafada, yuzuri and jigs.

Our scouts continue to monitor the Jurubaxis river fishery which we believe will be open shortly in the coming weeks.



Dry-Zone S.West

RIVERS: Matupiri, Igapo Açu (see map at the top).
Water levels on the Madeira River, the drainage of Matupiri and Igapo Açu, are stable (see graphic water level below). This fact, along with the weather forecast, imply that peacock bass fishing conditions will continue to be excellent.

The above diagram depicts the rainfall probability for the next three months. The light green zone in the North forecasts a probability of about 35% that the rainfall will be above the historical mean. Therefore, the dry water cycle is expected to develop almost normal in the coming months in the North of Manaus (Dry-Zones N.West and N.East).

Dry-Zone N.West

RIVERS: Xeruini, Jufaris, Jurubaxis, Omero(see map at the top)

Water levels on the Negro River, the drainage of rivers Jurubaxi, Jufaris and Xeruini, are descending at a good pace. This fact, together with the weather forecast for the rest of the week, indicates that peacock bass fishing conditions at the Jufaris are rapidly improving. See weather forecast for Moura below. The Jurubaxi is still a bit high but has started to drop as expected. The Omero lakes levels are good and expected to continue being so for the coming two weeks, forecast is also excellent.

Water level chart for the Negro River where the blue line represents actual levels, the yellow line represents last year´s extremely low levels, and the red line historical extreme low water levels.

Dry-Zone S.West