Mid-Week Fishing Report: Oct 24 – 26, 2020 (2 ½ DAYS)

Blockbuster landings after start-up

~480 Peacock’s last week and 464 Peacock’s this week,

both in 2 ½ days

SEASON 2020 / 2021



Week end´s tally (2 1/2 days):

Note: this only 2 1/2 – day report is to rush last weekend’s conditions to our incoming anglers.

Lakes (Omero, Mau and Mata-Mata) in Dry-Zone N. East -: The Gaetha  group of 8 anglers arrived on Saturday 24th landing 464 peacock bass in just 2 1/2 days with a mixed basket that included aruanas, bicudas, piranhas, etc. Last week’s final count was 1.968 by the departing Sapelli group with several trophies 17,18,19 category. Best performing lures are propellers and top water lures. Water levels are perfect.

Mid-Xeriuni fishery in Dry-Zone N. East -: The Rogelio group of 12 arrived on Saturday 24th landing 386 peacock bass in just 2 1/2 days. Not all of the group were avid anglers. Water levels are very fishable and expected to drop slowly. The previous Xeriuini group for the week finished with 1610 peacocks. Good fishing conditions are expected in the coming days. Star lures are perversas and joao pepinos.


Today´s Average Water Levels:

in Dry-Zone N. East

Water level report: Dry-Zone N. East – The Branco River is low from little rain fall in its Venezuela basin so all of mouths of its tributaries have low water levels with excellent fishing. And, we are now fishing right in there!

Dry-Zone N. West – All water levels on the Negro River basin tributaries still remain high for reasonable fishing, which is not normal for this time of the year but it is happening with greater frequency due to the everchanging rain fall conditions in the “El Nino” era. The only exception with lower water levels is the lower Xeriuni River in our private water which is under the influence of the Branco River basin.

Dry-Zone S. East – Water levels are still good in this area 150 miles south of Manaus. Our private rivers in this Dry-Zone time period were also closed down due to Covid.

Dry-Zone S. West Water levels are too low for good for good fishing. Our private rivers in this Dry-Zone time period of June-August were closed down due to Covid.