MID-WEEK FISHING REPORT: OCT. 28 – 30, 2017 (2 ½ DAYS)


Despite high waters on the Negro River basin , in only 2 ½ days, 1.263 Peacocks Bass were landed by 27 anglers in 4 Floating Suites operations,with 104 peacocks over 8 lbs and with three trophies between 17-19 lbs .




Dry-Zone N.East

Water levels are a bit high but dropping.

Dry-Zone S.East

Water levels are low, closed for the season, which is normal for this time of the year.

Dry-Zone S.West


RIVERS: Matupiri, Igapo Açu (see map at the top).
Water levels on the Madeira River, the drainage of Matupiri and Igapo Açu, are very operative (see graphic water level and weather forecast below).

Dry-Zone N.West

RIVERS: Xeruini, Jufaris, Jurubaxis, Omero/Curiucú, Itapará (see map at the top)

Water levels at the headwaters of the Jufaris and Omero/Curiucú are at the jungle line with acceptable to good fishing. All other rivers are a bit high but are descending.


Water level chart for the Negro River where the blue line represents actual levels, the yellow line represents last year´s extremely low levels, and the red line historical extreme low water levels.


Luis Brown at the Jufaris River, during a community based conservancy management meeting.

Discussions were centered on how to augment community revenues thru the supply of locally produced vegetables and fruits , even if at double of fair market value.