The Water Level Factor


Water Level Determines Best Time To Fish

Having Lots of Rivers A Key River Plate Advantage


Productive fishing in the Amazon occurs only during low-water months when 70 to 80% of the flooded jungle dries up, concentrating peacock bass in only 2 to 3% of the area they inhabit during other parts of the year. Fortunately, rivers in the Amazon do not dry up at the same time. In fact, there are four distinct rainfall season-zones across a 1,000-mile diameter of prime peacock habitat in the Amazon Basin, and River Plate has exclusive rights to fish rivers in all those season-zones. These four season-zones with their respective best months are as follows:


  • Dry-Zone S. West: best season for low waters – July thru August.
  • Dry-Zone S. East: best season for low waters – September thru October.
  • Dry-Zone N. West: best season for low waters – mid- September thru December.
  • Dry-Zone N. East: best season for low waters – January thru February.