Month: September 2017



Water levels continued dropping and are expected to reach their optimum levels soon. Last Saturday we received a group of 7 anglers who enjoyed excellent weather conditions, landing 327 peacock bass, with 49 over the 10 lbs. mark and the largest of which exceeded the 19lbs. mark. Most avid anglers were landing over 100 peacock bass per boat per day, also jacundas, bicudas and piranhas were present in the catch.  Camp host reports that best working lures are perversas, yozuri and jump minnows. Water levels continued dropping and are expected to reach their optimum level soon (see below). The Floating Suites are positioned in Dry-Zone S.West with perfect weather conditions for the rest of the week (see below forecast for Borba). Dry-Zone S.East is now closed and Dry-Zones N.East and N.West are not yet open.

Dry-zone S.West RIVERS: MATUPIRI, IGAPO ACU (see map at the top). Water levels on the Madeira River, the drainage of Matupiri and Igapo Acu, keep dropping at a good pace (see graphic water level below). This fact, along with the weather forecast, imply that peacock bass fishing conditions will continue o improve even more! Some minor rain episodes are expected for the coming days.  See weather forecast for Borba below which is in the same Dry-zone.
Water level chart for the Madeira River which is in the same basin as the Matipiri, where the blue line represents actual levels, the yellow line represents last year´s extremely low levels, and the red line historical extreme water levels.

  The above diagram depicts the rainfall probability for the next three months. The light green zone in the North forecasts a probability of about 35% that the rainfall will be above the historical mean. Therefore, the dry water cycle is expected to develop normally in the coming months in the North of Manaus (Dry-Zones N.West and N.East).