Fly-in Floating Cabins – “River Train” Concept

River Plate’s Fly-In Floating Cabins (the company has six independent “River Trains” in all) the ultimate in mobility, comfort and luxury.

On arrival from the US, guests travel to one of our six Floating “River Trains” consisting of guest cabins, various support cabins and a shallow-draft tug boat. (See lodging options)

Our “River Trains” cruise the headwaters of small fish filled tributaries, which are 3 – 9 hours away by fast bass boat from competing house boats and lodges on the Negro River deep channel waterways.

Great fishing, easy access. All you do is fly in by float plane. The “River Train” moves daily while you fish. No more three to five hour fast bass boat trips. No more expensive fly-outs from the main waterways.

Although many well established land based lodges, including our former Jufari and Tapera Lodges, are located up river from natural barriers, they offer no mobility to seek better water levels. Areas 2 to 3 hours upriver or downriver at fixed lodges rapidly bocome overfished. “River Trains” however, move daily to unfished river segments, spending the night along Caribbean-like beaches.

No compromise in comfort. “River Train” guests, at any point, can leave the River and retreat into the luxurious comfort of their elegant and roomy cabin. Cabins have private full bathrooms; and are fully carpeted, tastefully decorated, and every detail has been carefully considered.

Each “River Train” has a 12’ x 23’ dinning/sitting lounge, where guests dine on linen table cloths enjoying our chefs’ four course meals. An excellent variety of both continental and exciting regional dishes make up the week’s menu. Fresh breads and pastries are baked daily and chilled wines, ice-cold beer, soft drinks, and Brazilian-style margaritas flow freely throughout your fishing trip.

Each “River Train” are managed by a Brazilian “co-owner”, who is not only a knowledgeable fisherman, but is also experienced in handling the complex logistics inherent in an Amazon fishing operations. Since our groups are small, the manager, together with a bilingual host and a staff of 14, are able to offer unique, personalized hands-on attention. Breakfast room service, laundry service and satellite phone are a few of the available amenities.
What you won’t find are many pesky bugs. The pristine rivers we fish have naturally-high tannin levels (from extensive leaf decay) which discourage the development of biting insects. Of the few bugs which might exist, our daily mobility eliminates any possibilities of concentrations.

Anglers fish (2 per boat and one guide) from fully equipped, 21 foot shallow drafting bass boats.

Come challenge the mighty peacock bass and leave the main waterway crowds behind!

To make this incredible Amazon destination even MORE attractive, we present our New Single Occupancy Fly-in Floating Cabins. You can see them here