Fishing Reports

Listed below are the Mid-Week Amazon Fishing Reports (only 2 1/2 days). They are rushed by e-mail to our agents every Tuesday night, in order that our weekend incoming guests may be duly informed before departure.

Please note, these are true weights … sometimes in the Amazon the 17-19 lbs4. class are considered 20 lbs. trophies…

Mid-Week Fishing Report: Sept. 05 - 07, 2015. (2 1/2 days)

Last Saturday we received a new group of 4 anglers at our Fly-in Floating Cabins positioned at the Igapo-Acu river private fishery.  They had a promising start of their fishing week landing a total of 416 peacocks in these 2 ½ days. Best performing lures are bright colored jigs. They have enjoyed perfect weather conditions with no rain and the forecast shows that they will continue to do so for the rest of their stay.

Camp host informs us that the water level is descending daily, so the fishery yield is expected to improve accordingly. The Madeira basin trend is descending normally now. This fishery is still a bit above the optimum level.

Last week´s group ended the week with a modest 575 mark, taking it easy as reported previously.

All considered, we expect that the positive trend will continue and plan to start operating our second camp next Saturday also at the Muhura reservation river system.


Mid-Week Fishing Report: Aug 29-31, 2015 (2 1/2 days)

This last weekend the a new group of 9 anglers arrived to our camp stationed at the Igapo-Acu river private fishery. So far they have enjoyed an excellent weather with no rain and the river, although a bit high, is descending at a good rate. Host informs that this group is taking it easy and fishing only a few hours per day, enjoying the camp amenities thoroughly. They have landed in the past weekend a total of 192 peacocks with a good mix of sizes.

Last week of 8 anglers ended the week with a total of 803 landed peacocks .

Rainfall forecast for the coming days make us believe that this group will enjoy a great week, also the water level graphics for the Madeira show that the trend will continue to descend at a good rate in the coming days.


Mid-Week Fishing Report - Ago 22-24, 2015 (2 1/2 days)

Peacock Bass fishing season launch

River Plate is permanently monitoring water levels in its 10 private Peacock Bass fisheries spread over 750 miles across 4 water-level zones. Currently, water-levels are too high everywhere, except on the upper Igapó Acu Indian Reserve in the south west water-level zone.
The first group of 8 seasoned anglers arrived on our Mobile Floating Cabins on the Igapó-Acu last Saturday and, during the weekend ( 2 ½ days) landed 357 Peacock Bass with a decent mix size despite water-levels being still a bit too high. For your reference please check the following weather forecast, accumulated rainfall and, the Madeira river historic and current water levels readings


Fishing Report - Feb 21-28, 2015

Last week a group of 8 anglers in the upper Jufaris obtained fantastic results with trophies to show starting at 21 lbs., 3 weighing 20 lbs, 2 weighing 18lbs, 3 weighing 17 lbs, etc. etc. etc.

This clearly demonstrates with hard facts that our preservation policy, right at the core of our business, has been successful. As you might recall this area has been, protected and recovering during the last 3 years. Trophies landed here have leap-frogged from one season to the next, being the last season a clear example of the potential of seriously engaging in a strict preservation program.

Fishing reports throughout the season simply show that this is not an exception, it is the rule.

We strongly believe that we are in the right track and we seriously commit our best efforts to enforce best practices of our proven preservation policies in all our present and future operating fisheries. This will guarantee that we are able to continue offering the very best fishing environment and chances to our visiting anglers in the Amazon Basin.

Fly-in floating cabins camps are headed to their Winter quarters for maintenance and refurbishment. Guides will resume their training programs after a well deserved vacation. New areas are being scouted as we write and we expect to be able to enhance our private water areas menu for the coming season.

Enjoy last week´s photos!

Amazon Peacock Bass
Piranha black - Serrasalmus rhombeus
Amazon Peacock Bass
Catfish - Surubm cachara - Pseudoplatystoma reticulatum
Amazon Peacock Bass 20 lbs
Amazon Peacock Bass 20 lbs
Amazon Peacock Bass

Mid-Week Fishing Report: February 21-23, 2015 (2 1/2 days)

Mid-Week Fishing Report: February 21-23, 2015 (2 1/2 days)

This is our last operating week for this 2014/15 Season that has been a very good and challenging one. El Niño influence has been felt and water levels have been rather different meaning that we had to scout quite a bit to ensure that our guests enjoyed the very best available waters. Our private fisheries have been very generous, providing fantastic trophy moments for most of our guests who have shared great photos with us.

This week we are operating two camps at the lower Jufaris and Xeruini rivers. Weather has been fair all weekend and forecast shows that it will continue to be good, although some rain episodes are expected around the Barcelos area.

Anglers at the Jufaris have landed two 20 pounders and two more 17lbs peacocks during the weekend in a total of 189 landed peacocks. Meanwhile our camp at the Xeruini reports that they are hosting a jolly group of anglers that are having a great time although with only one 17lbs. trophy to show until now.

Water levels at both fisheries are excellent.

We will resume next season which we expect to start by mid-July. All our camps are returning to base camp for maintenance and refurbishment. Junior guides will be attending an intensive training program that includes basic English language focused in fishing terms.

Check CPTEC Brazil´s Climate prevision agency ( accumulated rain report on the last weekend.

Barcelos Caracarai

Last week photos

Brazil Amazon Peacock Bass fishing (21 lbs.)
Brazil Amazon Peacock Bass fishing
Brazil Amazon Peacock Bass, Fly fishing
Brazil Amazon Peacock Bass fishing
Brazil Amazon Peacock Bass fishing
Brazil Amazon Peacock Bass fishing
Brazil Amazon Peacock Bass fishing